What does leaving AT&T mean for my medical insurance?

With the news that AT&T is planning to reduce their workforce this year, lots of employees are left with some challenging questions. No question may be as challenging as “how will you cover medical insurance and expenses in retirement or a transition?” As with all things in AT&T there are different rules for Craft employees versus Management employees. AT&T is keeping this information pretty close to the vest, but here is what we understand so far.

For Craft Employees:

The Union negotiated reduced costs for retirees in the last 2 contracts (the current contract expires in August 2019). Technically that current deal expires in Aug 2019, but it could very well be a negotiating point next year, and that reduced cost could perhaps be extended for another 3-4 years (typical length of the contract). The insurance costs for Craft are actually protected through December 2019 because insurance is done on a calendar year basis rather than the actual end of the contract.

For Management Employees:

The Management employees do not have the protection of a contract. In the past few years the company did offer them the opportunity to get medical insurance through the AON Healthcare Exchange (just like Craft), and provide them a HRA (Health Reimbursement Account) of $2,700 per year for a retiree (and an additional $1,500 per year for an eligible spouse) to help pay for that insurance. However, it appears they have stopped doing that as of this last Management Surplus. There is a belief that Management retirees will need to go to the insurance marketplace to get insurance – the costs in some cases are at least double (approximately $500 per month) what they were paying before as active employees.

Sound Financial has developed a reputation for being on the forefront of helping AT&T employees and retirees navigate their medical insurance options, but in this instance, there is still a lack of clarity on what AT&T will offer. We would encourage you to follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn or fill out the contact form to join our newsletter distribution list. This will allow you to stay connected as new information is released. Our goal is to partner with you as you make these challenging decisions the moment new information is available. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you navigate YOUR retirement or career transition journey.

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