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A Review of 2016 and a Look to 2017

The year 2016 did not lack in financial news! The biggest surprises were the Brexit decision in late June, when—despite all expectations to the contrary—the UK electorate voted to leave the EU, sending markets into a tailspin for a few days. Then, just when markets appeared to have regained their footing, the U.S. electorate provided the next, possibly even bigger curveball—the unexpected election of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States.

The Fed didn't hike rates four times as they'd suggested at the end of 2015, but rather held off till December before raising interest rates just once in 2016. The U.S. markets provided some surprises of their own, with several indices reaching all-time highs more than once during the year, including the fact that the DOW is flirting with 20,000 for the first time ever!

There were many other events that surprised investors as well to round out the 2016 market year. There is little doubt 2017 will have it’s surprises as well! Can the U.S. Markets continue their growth? What will a Trump presidency look like and what impact will it have on current policies? Will the Fed raise rates any further? 2017 will definitely be an interesting year, but as we learned in 2016, it will be important to have a plan that is built on facts and data rather than the emotion a news cycle can bring. This will make a plan like our Rules Based Strategy all the more important. Our Rules Based Strategy measures the volatility in the market and provides us with data driven rules for portfolio adjustment rather than an emotional reaction to a single event. We would love to share with you how our Rules Based Strategy can impact your retirement planning. Contact us today and let one of our financial advisors help you navigate retirement with a Rules Based Strategy!

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