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Are Your Pension Beneficiaries Correct?

Dealing with fallout of losing a family member can be one the most challenging ordeals a person will do.  Sometimes the only comfort they might have is knowing they will be taken care financially when you are gone.  But what if an error in your pension beneficiary declaration prevented them from receiving the benefits you worked an entire career for in a timely manner?  Is correcting paperwork what you want them to have to worry about when mourning a loss?

In recent years Aon Hewitt took over managing Entergy’s pension plan from Xerox.  During that data transfer, many of the beneficiaries did not transfer correctly.  In some cases, the beneficiary’s name will be listed on the Aon Hewitt website, but there is a notation showing “Not a Beneficiary”.  The information is correct with Entergy’s Human Resources department, but correcting it with Aon Hewitt will be required for your beneficiaries to receive the funds.  Imagine your loved ones, already in the midst of a difficult time, having to deal with such a cumbersome problem! 

The good news is, it can be corrected now, and the advisors at Sound Financial Strategies Group already know the steps you need to take to make the correction!  Call one of our advisors today and get this very important issue cleared up.

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