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Chuck's Fishing Adventure

Chuck Smith loves being outdoors. For years he has gone hunting and fishing with his son, grandson, and work friends. Over the years, they have formed great memories and a lasting bond. One of Chuck’s dreams was to go deep sea fishing, and the only thing that could make it better would be going with the ones he has been making memories with for years. Chuck is no different than the rest of us, in that with trying to balance work and family, finding the time and resources to go deep sea fishing can be a challenge, so it was always put off.

That all changed as Chuck approached retirement! Now that he would have the time to fulfill some dreams, a gift from his family would make Chuck’s deep sea fishing dream a reality! So off Chuck went with his son, grandson and friends in tow to the coast of Cabo San Lucas. They spent 2 days fishing on a 33 foot boat in some of the most beautiful waters you can imagine, making memories that will last a lifetime! They caught 3 striped marlins, 3 sailfish, and 43 pounds of mahi mahi. The 3 sailfish were all being reeled in at the same time, making for a lot of excitement on the deck! With any fishing story, you have to ask, “Who caught the biggest one?” Well, wouldn’t you know it was Chuck’s 8 year old grandson, Caleb, who reeled in an 87 inch marlin! While Caleb may have caught the biggest fish, Chuck would say he was the real winner by getting to live out a dream with his family and friends!

This was all made possible because Chuck took the time to carefully plan for retirement. With the help of his financial advisors, he was able to retire after a long and successful career. While retirement planning involves many financial decisions, the real asset that one acquires in retirement is time. Time to live out your dreams and spend it with those you love! We know Chuck would certainly agree!

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