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We know the benefit package for Entergy employees and have great news!

If you want an extra $92,000 plus for retirement, then you should start planning today…connect with one of the team members at Sound Financial Strategies Group.

Consider this: For the last 20 years individual investors averaged only 2.3% in their 401(k). That annual return didn’t even keep up with inflation. (JP Morgan Dalbar Study)

You decide…do you want 2.3% annually in your Entergy 401(k) or could you use extra money at retirement?
Call the team at SFSG at 601-856-3825 or we can send you more information by using the form below:

This good news could be even better…call us today!


Articles of Interest

  • Entergy Specific Retirement Planning

    Whenever someone retires, there are a number of routine things that must be considered. Everyone needs a plan that factors in how much income versus savings they will need. Everyone needs to think about what they hope to achieve in their retirement.

  • Are Your Pension Beneficiaries Correct?

    Dealing with fallout of losing a family member can be one the most challenging ordeals a person will do.  Sometimes the only comfort they might have is knowing they will be taken care financially when you are gone.  But what if an error in your pension beneficiary declaration prevented them from receiving the benefits you worked an entire career for in a timely manner?

  • Have You Received an Entergy Lump Sum Offer?

    If you worked for Entergy in the past several years and were vested in the pension plan, there is a possibility you received a Lump Sum offer in the mail recently. This could be because you left Entergy 20 years ago or you were part of the recent Human Capital Management initiative in 2013. In either respect, you now have this important decision in front of you and there are lots of factors to consider!It is possible the lump-sum relative value could be higher than the annuity that is offered.

  • Do You Have All the Information for the Difficult Decisions?

    As an Entergy employee you’ve had a long career and built a solid retirement for you and your family.  As you get closer to retirement age, there is the constant question of when is the right time to start the next phase of life.  Of course you want to maximize your benefits, but you also want to maximize your time.

  • What to do with Human Capital Management?

    If you’ve worked with Entergy for any amount of time, you are probably familiar with the term “Human Capital Management”. A phrase used in an earnings report to explain the elimination of jobs to improve the bottom line. Probably not the phrase you would use to describe the twilight years of hard work in your career with Entergy!

  • Understanding the Entergy Pension Options

    One of the most misunderstood pension options for Entergy employees is the “10-Year Certain and Life Annuity”. This option provides a monthly income for the employee for as long as he/she lives. It also provides a monthly income to your beneficiary for at least 10 years from your date of retirement.Example: You retire on October 1, 2014 and live for 30 years.

  • Important Ages for Your 401(k)

    In any industry there are important numbers. For our Entergy clients those numbers are 55 and 59 ½. These are the ages that you have to make important decisions regarding your Entergy pension.

  • Is Your Retirement Checklist Ready?

    There have been many changes at Entergy over the past year….changes that may have you thinking about retirement. Have you ever wondered what steps you would need to take to make this happen? Would you retire this year if you knew you were financially able?

  • Health Insurance Changes

    Entergy employees are you jumping off that bridge your mamma warned you against?Everybody else is retiring because of the health insurance changes, shouldn’t I?In recent weeks we at Sound Financial have heard many questions from our clients about their Entergy health insurance changes. How much will this cost me? How will this change my coverage?

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