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Retirement....you’ll have the time, now what do you want to do? What things have you put off but now are thinking more and more about doing? Those are just two questions we help people just like you wrestle with as they plan for retirement. Wrestle is the correct word because with each life dream comes the next question of, “will I be able to afford it”? There’s only one way to begin finding out and it starts with a personal visit that is focused on you.

Our objective is to help you through retirement income solutions. For most people, there are a number of unknowns standing in the way. Your retirement plan advisor at Sound Financial Strategies Group is well qualified to take your current financial status and show you how and when you could retire. One of our main tools we use to help you plan is by understanding your specific situation and then educating you on the available options. But we don’t stop there.

Moving you from a life of work to a life of retirement requires some effort and helping you understand and feeling comfortable with the various choices you can make is all a part of our services. Our investment advisory services will address the areas of budgeting, investment risk, and retirement forecasting to assist you in the process of moving to this next life stage. Even if you don’t have a bunch of questions now, you probably will at some point and the team at Sound Financial Strategies Group is standing by, ready to answer them. You’ll have an opportunity to attend regularly held workshops where specific information is taught with people just like you.

We value the trust you place with us in handling your retirement affairs and believe that working as a team is the best approach. That’s why we want you to be educated and involved to the degree you desire, so we can plan a personal, one-on-one meeting. The in-office meeting is really the first step in getting to know us and what lies ahead for you and your family. Call Sound Financial Strategies today at 601-856-3825 to schedule a convenient time to discuss your retirement options. It all starts with this phone call, then we’ll be able to help you Navigate Retirement!

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