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Introducing Sound Financial 2.0!

Every person or company has a few key moments in their lives that can have long lasting implications to their growth. These defining times, when looked back on, help tell that person or company’s story, like different chapters in a novel. We believe right now is one of those defining times at Sound Financial. By now you’ve heard and seen a few things related to Sound 2.0, its purpose, direction and what it means for you and Sound Financial. We want to share a little about why we are looking to grow and in turn, provide an upgrade to our clients.

Since the very beginnings, Sound Financial has been concerned about you, our clients. That concern came from a word that is key to the investment community…the word is “fiduciary”. Fiduciary is the trust or confidence that is given for the benefit of another. That fiduciary attitude the advisors have puts the concern of a client above all, even themselves. That is the true living definition of the word “fiduciary”, and that attitude has served as the foundation for every hiring decision or internal process at Sound Financial all the way through today.

About two years ago the question was asked, “are there areas that could be upgraded to continue this fiduciary attitude in all areas of our services, including trading and account management?” Well after investigation, the answer was becoming clear that YES, we could upgrade our services and as an outcome provide even more benefit to you, our client. Now you’ve seen our operation and it’s efficient without excess, but when it came to the layers of people between us and Wall Street, we could see there were areas that could be changed.

These opportunities to improve are the driving force behind Sound 2.0 and all the work that has and will continue to go in to that process. We realize there will be questions from our clients along the way, and we encourage you to reach out anytime you have a question about any part of the process. You may have already visited with your advisor about Sound 2.0, but if you haven’t we will be reaching out very soon. We will continue to share information with all our clients in as timely a manner as we can. As we mentioned before, our goal will continue to be to serve our clients as their “fiduciary” every step of the way. We are excited about the future and what Sound 2.0 will bring and we think you will be too!

Investment Advisory Services offered through Sound Financial Strategies Group, Inc. (“SFSG”), a Registered Investment Adviser. Certain representatives of SFSG are also Registered Representatives offering securities through APW Capital, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, 100 Enterprise Drive, Suite 504, Rockaway, NJ 07866 (800)637-3211. SFSG and APW Capital are separate and unrelated companies.

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