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Lessons on Work and Investment from God

When you think about work, what do you think about? Do you think about the grind, the stress, and the angst? Or do you think about the feeling of accomplishment, the freedom of creativity, and the satisfaction of a job well done?

When you think about investments, what do you think about? Do you focus on the risk, the unknown, and the pain of research? Or do you envision a big return, the joy of outgrowing yourself, and the pleasure of rewards?

Have you ever considered that we get a work ethic and a need to invest from God? These are traits that He shows in scripture and has passed on to us.

In Genesis 1, we see God’s work ethic. We read that God created the Heavens and the Earth from a formless, empty, dark, and deep place; creating all that we see and can ever see. It is amazing to think about. God used His infinite time, talents, and resources to create everything. God rested at the end of His workweek, though He was certainly not tired. He taught us the importance of taking time to rest, so when we return to work we will be refreshed and can work with excellence.

Throughout scripture we see God’s investment strategy. He chose to invest His time, talent, resources, and Himself into His creation. He invested in the humans that he had created in His image. He invested in the talent and the future that He created. He invested in His people throughout the Old Testament, all the while preparing his long-term investment of sending his Son for all mankind, so that all may spend eternity with Him.

In our work, we do the same as image bearers of God. We work, not with grinding stress or angst, but with purpose, creativity, and satisfaction. We invest in our relationship with God and those around us by using our time, talents, and treasures to draw closer to Him and to build up others. Like many investments, adjustment is sometimes required. On more than one occasion He has stepped in to correct His investment and is constantly giving direction. His ultimate action was through His Son Jesus Christ allowing for the correction of humanity’s sins through His death and resurrection.

Timothy Keller wrote in his book Every Good Endeavor: “No everyday work lacks the dignity of being patterned after God’s own work, yet no business megadeal or public policy initiative is so lofty that it can transcend God’s patterns and limitations for work. What’s more God has not left us alone to discover how or why we are to cultivate His creation; instead, He gives us a clear purpose for our work and faithfully calls us into it. “ At Sound Financial Strategies Group we find great purpose and clarity in our faith, and use that in how we work with our clients. We believe that by following God’s example in work and investment that we can further pattern our lives like Him, and that is the ultimate investment strategy!

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