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Market Update: November 28, 2018

At Sound, we talk a lot about our rules-based investment models. We should, this is how we manage your money. Therefore, we want to have as thorough of an understanding as you would like. In other words, we want to educate you until you cry “uncle.”

For many years, we have sought experts, tested, and refined our rules-based methodology. In the beginning of this idea our goal was to have a proven decision-making methodology, that was a stable, predictable, repeatable process. Because of our experience and research, we can demonstratively see how technology had changed the markets and recognized the need to have a decision-making process that eliminated emotion and allowed for speed. We believe that we have succeeded with our current strategies.

As always, we want to ensure that we are educating you, our client. The following is a thorough article written by our investment team. In this, we explain some of our framework, trend following, and testing methodologies. I hope that this provides you with a thorough understand and a comfort in these times of market volatility.



From our team at WealthShield

In a market environment like today, it is important that we have a disciplined approach to markets.  We have spent years working on what we feel is a well-rounded method of market analysis. It fuses together quantitative and statistical analysis with fundamental and technical research.  The framework allows us to navigate global markets with confidence and a defined playbook for playing offense and defense. This week we are going exemplify how we focus on intermarket relationships and how we apply trend following. Click below to learn more.

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