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Meet Allen Curry

Have you ever heard the expressions, “Find what you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life”? Allen Curry loves to teach.

A seminary professor, Allen was ready to leave full-time academic life behind, but he wasn’t ready to give up teaching. He had always challenged his students to put their knowledge to use, to go out in the world and share what they had learned. Allen knew it was time to follow his own advice. Prior to his retirement, Allen had taught and given lectures abroad. He enjoyed those experiences so much he knew he wanted to pursue those opportunities into retirement.

Since leaving full-time academia, Allen ahs traveled to places like Brazil and Korea, teaching and giving lectures to pastors and doctoral students. He is also available to do interim pastor work and has been able to go back to a church he had worked with decades ago. The traveling keeps Allen busy, but not so busy that the work becomes tedious. Some people look forward to a quiet retirement, but Allen loves meeting new people, seeing new places, and sharing the knowledge he has with others

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