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Meet Carolyn Howze

Carolyn Howze isn’t much different than any one of us. She enjoys working and feeling like she is making a difference, but as retirement gets closer and closer, she can’t help but be excited about what lies ahead for her and her husband, Charles.

Carolyn and Charles have worked at AT&T for a majority of their working lives, and, while they’ve enjoyed it, Carolyn looks forward to the retired life. Charles has already begun his retirement journey and Carolyn is anxious to join him! To Carolyn, retirement means finally being able to do all the things she loves, such as gardening, sewing, and cooking. The best part for her is enjoying all these activities in her own time, and not when she is able to fit it in her current busy schedule. For the first six months, Carolyn hopes to be doing “a whole lot of nothing” … no more daily routine and early mornings. Needless to say, Carolyn won’t be using that alarm clock after retirement! Also, she and Charles plan to stay busy by working on their house plans. Carolyn still hopes to make a difference in the world by finding a place to volunteer in the community.

Whether it’s a care-free day with friends and family, volunteering to help those in need, or finalizing some house plans with Charles, Carolyn is looking forward to a wonderful retirement. From everyone at Sound Financial Strategies Group, we want to wish Carolyn nothing but the best in her retirement and the many years to come!

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