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Meet Herman Cochran

Many people think retirement will be a time to take it easy and relax.  That couldn't be further from what Herman Cochran has found in retirement.  Today we want to tell you a little bit about what Herman has been up to.

Herman grew up in Peru, Indiana where he worked in the circus in his early years.  It was there he learned to juggle and the fun that came with entertaining kids and families.  Herman likes to joke that he "ran away from the circus" and ended up with Entergy where he spent 31 years at Grand Gulf working in operations.  Now that he’s retired, Herman has gone back to entertaining!

Herman now plays mandolin in a bluegrass band!  He's been playing the mandolin for 22 years and now he and his band travel around Mississippi, Arkansas and all the way back to his hometown of Peru, Indiana!  Along the way he's still staying true to his roots in the circus by entertaining kids as a juggling clown.  When he isn't traveling with his band or juggling, Herman is serving in his church as an elder and a member of the praise and worship team.  Finally, Herman does enjoy one other hobby that allows him to relax: disc golf!  Herman has played since 1979 and enjoys his own 9-hole disc golf course in his backyard!  

So as you can see, Herman hasn't slowed down at all in retirement, but the beauty of it is, he's loving every minute of it!  That's what retirement really is all about, doing what you love and having the time to do it!  We'd love to hear what you are doing in your retirement too!  Give us a call today and you can be our next client story!

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