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Meet John and Sarah Miller

Are you dreaming of retirement? What would that look like to you?

John and Sarah’s vision has grown into a small business – that works on their terms:

Woodworking has been John’s hobby for the last thirty years and his wife Sarah has found she has similar interests in arts and crafts projects. Until retirement, though, it was merely a way to unwind and relax after work or on the weekends. The couple had a desire to travel, spend more time with family and enjoy their hobbies, so Sarah encouraged John to retire a little early.

They had already begun to make a little money with sales from various projects, so John used a little of their retirement money to purchase some equipment enabling him to do more precise and intricate woodworking designs. It wasn’t long before he and his wife realized they could turn their hobby into a small business. 

Now, both John and Sarah can spend their days doing what they love, plus they are able to make some extra money while doing it. Of course, they aren’t all work and no play; they do travel and enjoy time with family and friends.

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