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Meet Scott Davidson

Scott Davidson didn’t spend a lot of time dreaming about retirement. Thoughts of traveling and having a more flexible schedule crossed his mind but he spent his days working. In his spare time he did enjoy his hobby – making wind chimes from wine bottles.

When retirement did come along, Scott soon realized his hobby had the potential to be a business. He expanded his product line and created a website to help sell his product. The business became more successful than he ever imagined and now he has a network of over 60 shops in the southeast carrying his wind chimes.

Scott enjoys the freedom of spending his retirement days doing what he enjoys. He participates in various arts and craft shows throughout the year and that allows him to reunite with old friends and meet new ones.

When he’s not busy making wind chimes Scott and his wife enjoy vising their grandchild in south Florida. Now that they’re both retired, they can adjust their schedules and enjoy spending time with family and watch their grandson grow.

Scott’s wife joined him in retirement, so now, they have the flexibility to spend time with family, travel to keep up with their growing grandson, and, of course, make wind chimes.

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