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Meet Sheri Duncan

Sheri Duncan has been retired for about ten years. At first, her retirement was filled with traveling; but Sheri felt that something was missing and wanted to spend her time making an impact.

Then, about three years ago, she started volunteering at the Care Centers Food Bank. Now, Sheri spends about three days a week helping fill the physical and spiritual needs of the people there. Last November, Sheri agreed to take the position of Director of the Care Center where she is able to use the management skills she acquired while in the workforce.

It’s often difficult to see people and families struggle to make ends meet; but, the job is a rewarding one. And to Sheri it feels like more than just a job. Sheri is grateful she is able to give back to the community and to help others in need.

It may not be the most common way to spend retirement but Sheri enjoys it and is glad to have this opportunity.

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