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Meet The Hitts

Burnell and Evelyn Hitt didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how they would spend retirement. But as the time approached, they began dreaming about how they wanted to spend that time. Before long they had plans to buy an Airstream travel trailer begin traveling around the United States.

They continued to work and make plans over the course of several years and when the time came to retire they implemented their master plan. Their travels have taken them from the southern tip of Florida in the Florida Keys all the way to Anchorage, Alaska. They’ve gone as far east as Maine and have headed westward to visit the Columbia River. During the winter months they often travel to south Texas and have spent time in Progresso, Mexico.

The trips are planned in advance, with all stops included, but they aren’t so rigid that they miss spontaneous detours that have never failed to disappoint! As part of an Airstream Camping Club, the couple has meet new friends along the way and their travel companions, the couples’ Chihuahua/Maltese mixed dogs, are always excited to head out on a new adventure.

While the couple is preparing to move into a retirement community they are still planning new destinations and their travels won’t be slowing down too much. Once all of the moving is done there’s no doubt they will be off on the next adventure!

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