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Help us support Delta Streets Academy

Learn more about Delta Street Academy's Golf Event and Clay Shoot Competition and how you can support Delta Street Academy at http://www.deltastreetsacademy.org/open-date-classic


How we are using profits for a purpose!

You’ve heard us talk many times at Sound Financial about faith and how we believe we exist for a higher purpose. We do that because we believe we are to be salt and light to the world around us as the Bible instructs. We also do that because we hope that our clients and others in our industry will follow suit and try to seek a purpose for the profit we’ve all been blessed with. With that said, we are thrilled to share an area where we are working to put our money where our mouth.

In Greenwood, MS there is an excellent school that is changing young men’s lives. These boys live in a community where words like hope and change are often false platitudes. Delta Streets Academy, through the love and power of Jesus Christ, is changing that.

At Sound Financial, we agree with and are excited to partner with and invest in Delta Streets. We see the lives that are changing, the good that is being accomplished, and an amazing & growing demonstration of the God’s love for people, especially those in tough places in life.

We encourage you to check out their story. We think that you’ll be inspired and encouraged. http://www.deltastreetsacademy.org/

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