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Passing the Torch

Throughout our lives, the greatest asset we accrue is experience.  We learn from the good and bad decisions we make and apply that knowledge to new decisions that come our way.  If we have children or grandchildren, one of the greatest gifts we can give them is to teach them about our experiences so that maybe they can reap the rewards of good decisions and avoid the pitfalls of the bad ones.

When we look at investing, the thought process should be the same.  The markets will change, and world events will cause ebbs and flows in our portfolio, but a great way to help the next generation gain from your good investing is continuity.  By sharing the same sound financial guidance you have received with your heirs, you are setting them up to succeed in their investments.  When you introduce the next generation of your family to your financial advisor and their firm, you are helping your heirs get a leg up on their investing future.  Just think, what if someone had introduced you to your current advisor earlier in your career, would you be in a better position?  Could introducing your children to your investment firm early in their careers help them make wiser investments, and set them up for a more prosperous future?  Will it make for an easier transition when your wealth is transferred to your heirs, if the relationship is already on a solid foundation?

At Sound Financial Strategies Group we work with clients of all ages and in many cases, multiple generations of families.  Our advisors have the knowledge and experience to adjust investment strategies for whatever stage of life a family is in.  We would welcome the opportunity to provide the same sound financial experience to your children or grandchildren that we have given to you over the years.  Give us a call today if we can help your next generation navigate retirement as well.

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