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Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

You’ve heard us talk many times at Sound Financial about faith and how we believe we exist for a higher purpose. We do that because we believe we are to be salt and light to the world around us as the Bible instructs. We also do that because we hope that our clients and others in our industry will follow suit and try to seek a purpose for the profit we’ve all been blessed with. With that said, we are thrilled to announce two areas where we are working to put our money where our mouth is both at home and internationally.

First, we have found an organization that is changing lives for young men in the Mississippi Delta. Delta Streets Academy started as an after-school program in Greenwood, MS, giving students a place to hang out, be safe, and play ball. It is has grown into a 7th – 12th grade school for boys. Delta Streets’ goal is to equip the young men that walk through their doors daily with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the skills needed to live a life that honors God. We are very excited to be a partner with Delta Street Academy in a variety of ways including a sponsorship in their upcoming golf tournament fundraiser. You can learn more about Delta Street Academy by visiting http://www.deltastreetsacademy.org/.

On the international front we are excited to be partnering with “But God Ministries”. In the fall of 2010, local pastor Stan Buckley led his church into a mission project in Haiti whereby they would build a sustainable community for those still living in tents as a result of the devastating earthquake that took place in January of 2010. From this “short term” mission trip grew a full-scale ministry investing in and growing a sustainable community in both Haiti and the Delta of Mississippi. One of the ways Sound Financial is partnering with BGM is with the formation of a micro-loan program that benefits businesses in Haiti. You can learn more about But God Ministries at https://www.butgodministries.com/.

We at Sound Financial believe in the wholistic approach that DSA and BGM are employing. We often see poverty come in three areas; spiritual, mental, and physical, and we believe these organizations are addressing all areas of poverty. When the Bible says “instruct those who are rich in this world to not trust their money but trust God; to be rich in good works, generous to those in need, and always being ready to share with others”; God means for us to invest our time, money, and resources. This means for us to invest our best into others. We believe both of these organizations do an excellent job of this, and we are excited about our future with each. Be on the lookout for more information about how you can join in on their efforts. We hope you’ll join us in finding purpose in your profit!

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