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Meet Rusty Buys

For our latest Client Story, we wanted to share about someone that is in a similar point in life as many of our clients. Rusty Buys is nearing retirement and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But unlike many that imagine retirement as a time to slow down, Rusty is planning to pick up the pace!

Rusty has worked at AT&T for over 30 years in sales and engineering, but he’s stayed very busy with other things too. He has taught college classes at several campuses and is currently teaching a course at Mississippi College. He also manages a tree farm and some rental property. He finds time to go on mission trips, serve at his church and work as the treasurer of his homeowner’s association! Rusty is looking forward to the opportunity to use the time he now spends at his full time job investing further in his additional activities; all the while leaving time for some spontaneous fun, like a Braves game from time to time!

One of the most important things that Rusty said he’s looking forward to in retirement is investing in his family, not just with time, but financially as well. He is hoping to help his sons become debt free so their family can create sustainable wealth. He “believes wealth that lasts is generational,” and that’s what he wants for his children and grandchildren.

Rusty said he is able to do this because he started planning for his retirement and investment strategy early in his career. These good choices now have Rusty ready to take on all the new ventures described above. We wish Rusty all the best in this new chapter in life, and hopefully, he can fit in a bunch of Braves games too!

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