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The Election Is Over...Now What?

The 2016 Presidential election has come and gone! After a long and divisive campaign, we will have new leaders and new policies. In the lead up to election day and in the early hours immediately after the winner was announced, the markets predicted major shifts as the uncertainty of a Trump administration loomed large on world markets. Thankfully we are already seeing the markets correct somewhat in early trading post election. Hopefully all the knee jerk reactions will level out, but we are left asking how will the Trump presidency impact the market and your retirement planning?

The truth is no one knows for sure how the market will respond to President-Elect Trump. There will be certain industries that may see major changes as he lays out his plans for the country. Based the rhetoric in the campaign we can expect to see changes with healthcare legislation, trade deals with foreign leaders, and immigration. But as we have seen with presidential campaigns before, what is said on the trail may not be what happens in the White House

It is likely the coming changes will cause some volatility in the markets, but with the events of the last 12 months, most investors are no strangers to volatility. The important thing to remember with market volatility is maintaining your retirement plan and adjusting based on real data and not the emotion of a news cycle. The Rules Based Strategy we employ at Sound Financial provides such a plan! Our Rules Based Strategy measures the volatility in the market and provides us with data driven rules for portfolio adjustment rather than an emotional reaction to a single event. We would love to share with you how our Rules Based Strategy can impact your retirement planning. Contact us today and let one of our financial advisors help you navigate retirement with a Rules Based Strategy!

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