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The Future for Financial Advisors

We live in a rapidly changing world these days! What was cutting edge recently may now be considered “old hat” in a very short period of time. We see this in almost every industry in the marketplace and the financial services industry is certainly no different. This led us to ask the question, “what will this rapid change in our industry mean for financial advisors and their clients?”.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to tell you that technology will play a huge role for financial advisors in the coming days and years. Even though technology doesn’t always move as quickly in the financial arena due to regulatory issues as it might in other industries, we will still see great advances in how technology is used for financial advisory services. One area we believe technology will impact advisors is in the number of clients they are able to service in a quality manner. As firms are able to scale technological advances with client servicing, quality advisors will be able to provide the same high level of service to many more clients.

Sound Financial Strategies Group believed that these kinds of opportunities would arise, which is why over 2 years ago we began a process to position ourselves to take advantage of the changing landscape. As we laid out in our Sound 2.0 philosophy, we intend to leverage any technology we can to help us better serve our clients. We believe it is part of our responsibility as fiduciaries to provide the best tools to our advisors and our clients to best fulfill their financial advisory needs. We are excited about what the future holds and we hope you will join us for the journey!

Investment Advisory Services offered through Sound Financial Strategies Group, Inc. (“SFSG”), a Registered Investment Adviser. Certain representatives of SFSG are also Registered Representatives offering securities through APW Capital, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, 100 Enterprise Drive, Suite 504, Rockaway, NJ 07866 (800)637-3211. SFSG and APW Capital are separate and unrelated companies. 

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