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The Princes of the sea!

Aubrey and Alicia Prince always seem to be riding a wave! From starting out as a radio disc jockey in Louisiana to co-founding a marketing company with employees all over the country, the Princes have had an exciting career! As they begin to approach retirement we wanted to get an idea of what retirement would mean to them.

Even though both Aubrey and Alicia are still working, they are starting to slowly ease into a time when they can enjoy the things they’ve worked hard to achieve. One of those things is boating. Several years ago, the Princes began sailing at the Ross Barnett Reservoir and their love of boating has only grown in that time. As members of the Jackson Yacht Club, they enjoy a special comradery with their local boating community that has become an important part of their lives.

Aubrey and Alicia recently purchased their own yacht, “The Yachta Yachta”, (the Seinfeld fans out there will catch the reference) and they couldn’t be more excited about their future on the water! They have talked about living aboard, at least temporarily, and doing the Great Loop. This consists of traveling by boat up the eastern seaboard, through the inland passageways to the Mississippi River, down to the Gulf of Mexico, eventually ending where you began.

Ultimately retirement for the Princes will mean having the time to do the things they enjoy, with the people they love. That especially means each other. They have always enjoyed each other’s company and look forward to more time to spend with each other out on the water. It also means introducing their grandchildren to life on the water! Whatever the future holds for the Princes in retirement, we know they’ll probably on the water, together, and most likely, laughing!

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