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To the Senior Class of 2019

Recently I spoke to the senior class at PPCA. It is interesting to be on the adult side of these speeches. Yet, this is what I said:

We live in a cool world, a crazy world, and a world quickly moving to extremes in every way. Not all of this is good, not all is bad, and some of the extremes are terrible.

Throughout the world there are people caring for, sacrificing for, and going out of their way for others, to serve them. Recently, I was in Haiti, where a group of young leaders are serving God and people in creative ways. They have far more responsibility and impact than their friends back home. So, serve others, not just yourself, and go on adventures, don’t just watch them on a screen.

Yet also, there is great wickedness in the world. Leaders in all walks of life are saying right is wrong, wrong is right, and selling you lies until you buy them. This is the oldest trick in the book; tell a big enough lie, long enough, and people will believe it. This is leading to great foolishness.

However, I am excited for your future.

Because God holds the future in His hands. He is Creator, King, and in control. One day, He will make things right.

Also, there is so much opportunity. There is knowledge to be grasped, so learn. Travel is easy, so go. New careers are available, so pray and take the chance. In all of this, do good.

Last, I am excited because there will be so much change and growth in your lifetime. Technology is creating new tools which will lead to new accomplishments. So, try hard things, and in this do good.

As you navigate your future, these are the warnings that I have for you.

The world is training you to be selfish, so, stop. Think less about yourself and more about others. Notice, I did not say think less of yourself, just think about yourself less.

The world is training you to be impatient, so, build quality. Nothing of value in your life will be cheap, easy, or come quickly. The only exception is from Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation to you. It was neither cheap, easy, nor came quickly for Him either.

The world is training you to believe in a sliding scale of truth. It is teaching you that what is true for you is true for you, and what is true for others is true for them. This is wrong. Neither you, I, nor anyone else defines the truth. Only God defines the truth, our belief is irrelevant.

Here are three things to remember:

In the book of Micah, it is written from God: “He has told you what is good and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.”

  • Do justice, treat others fairly and rightly. Apply the “rule of law”; live by, enforce, and expect others to follow the laws in our country. Do not discriminate against, nor give privilege to someone because of their skin color, their lifestyle, their social status, nor any other reason.
  • Be kind. Defend the weak, give to the poor, and serve those who are hurting. Throughout history God is a defender and provider for the poor, weak, and hurting. You should be also.
  • Walk humbly with God. First, know Him. The Bible is the book about God. Trust Him, He has proven trustworthy and always will. Live freely in Him, God is not a giant buzz-kill in the sky. He is the author of fun and freedom. Live in that with Him.

To the class of 2019, our future leaders, adventurers, and innovators; good luck and God bless!

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