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What to do with Human Capital Management?

If you’ve worked with Entergy for any amount of time, you are probably familiar with the term “Human Capital Management”. A phrase used in an earnings report to explain the elimination of jobs to improve the bottom line. Probably not the phrase you would use to describe the twilight years of hard work in your career with Entergy! We all understand the importance of the bottom line, but when it comes to you and your retirement, HCM are not the 3 letters you want to hear. As with many staff reduction plans, it makes it difficult on the ones that are still employed too! Even though there are fewer workers, the shareholders expect the same amount of work and profit to be generated. That leads your boss to be stressed, and his boss to be stressed, and that can lead to you working more nights, overtime, and just a general feeling of being stretched too far! It may even include the elimination of company tools that you depend on like a company cell phone or company car. In the end, all this “Capital Management” can leave the “humans” wondering, “How much longer do I want to do this?” or “Are they trying to push me out?”

At Sound Financial Strategies Group, we understand how HCM can make you feel. We have helped 3 generations of utility company workers navigate their retirement and we can do the same for you! We work with our Entergy clients to help take the emotion out of the situation and understand the facts. You may feel like you are being pushed out the door, but in reality you may not be. Is now the time for you to retire? Possibly, but when your see the facts, you may realize it isn’t. We want to help you know all your options and maximize your benefits. We will take the time to help you develop a true retirement plan that is unique to your situation. Our financial advisors know the ins and outs of the Entergy pension system and can partner with you as you navigate this integral time in your life and career! Give us a call today for a free, no obligation, financial analysis consultation to see how we can help you!

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Neither SFSG nor APW Capital are endorsed by, retained by, or affiliated with Entergy.

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