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Who is Sound Financial?

Each year, millions of dollars are spent to help people and companies try to understand “Who they are” a little better. That idea of self-actualization is freeing in a way that helps a person understand their strengths or weaknesses and as a result can navigate their lives in a more fulfilled way. So today we wanted to share a little self-actualization with you from our standpoint and ask the question, “Who is Sound Financial?”

At Sound Financial we believe first and foremost that what we do must be God-honoring. We will follow biblical principles in our business practices and how we treat people. We do not apologize for our faith, but rather we embrace it! This is the primary standard we will hold to in all we do.

Next, we believe in people. We believe that no one is “just a client” or “just an employee”. Every person we work with, from our clients to our business partners, is a valuable part of making Sound Financial what it is. Like an orchestra that has many parts, we strive to see everyone work in harmony and no section is of higher value than the next.

Finally, we take the responsibility of serving our clients very seriously. We understand that your retirement plan doesn’t just impact one person, but whole families and possibly generations. We succeed when we have a positive impact on the lives and retirements of real people and real families. This means we have an obligation to do our utmost to provide the best information and tools that we can. This means we must be vigilant in always looking for ways to improve how we function. We wouldn’t be good stewards if we rested on our laurels and our clients deserve our best.

Our pledge to you and ourselves is to always hold these 3 principles in highest regard in all we do. We know there will always be market volatility and unsettling world events that cause concern, but we believe that if we hold true to “Who we are” we will continue to see success and your success is our success.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Sound Financial Strategies Group, Inc. (“SFSG”), a Registered Investment Adviser. Certain representatives of SFSG are also Registered Representatives offering securities through APW Capital, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, 100 Enterprise Drive, Suite 504, Rockaway, NJ 07866 (800)637-3211. SFSG and APW Capital are separate and unrelated companies.

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