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Will There Be A Strike At AT&T This Summer?

This summer could be a challenging one for AT&T employees. As the union contract is set to expire in August, many are left wondering if both sides have the influence to achieve their respective goals in the negotiation. Let's take a look at what each side is looking at as the potential impasse approaches.

AT&T has been working to prepare for this over the last several months. With the looming negotiations and the weight of the debt brought on by the Time Warner and DirecTV acquisitions, AT&T has been selling off real estate in some of its non-collaborative city areas. They have also been laying off managers to prepare. Since there is no contract with management, this is an area that can see cuts without creating tension with the Union.

How about these hypothetical, potential life changes questions;

Are you prepared to relocate your family to an AT&T collaborative city?

What if you had to move downthe corporate ladder to remain with the company?

Are you prepared for detrimental changes to your health insurance and wages?

So, it seems the big question is are you prepared if there is a strike at AT&T this summer?

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