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The Sound Financial Story

In 1982, Sammy Dean and Danny Matthews (retired) started their careers together. By the late 1980s they realized a need for financial education and began teaching people about their finances through local colleges. In 1993, they formalized their partnership and established Sound Financial Strategies Group, Inc.

Now, three decades later the company has grown with the addition of partners, Chris McAlpin, Joel Holden, and Karl Simmons and dedicated, knowledgeable financial advisers—Jerry Grantham, Dave Jesiolowski and Jim Towns. The company now provides financial education in the workplace as well as through local colleges.

As of 2015, Sound Financial Strategies Group has expanded into the great state of Texas with the merger of K.G. Simmons & Co. into the Sound Financial family. With this addition Sound Financial Strategies Group will be able to provide it’s financial education to more clients as they navigate retirement.

“At Sound Financial Strategies Group, Inc., we are constantly growing and learning to ensure that we are always in tune with the ever-changing economy.” - Danny Matthews