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How We Give Back

Living generously is something that is woven into the life and mission of Sound Financial.

It’s so much a part of who we are that we have identified Purpose Partners with whom we serve as a way for us to give back to the community and the world.

But God Ministries (BGM) shares the love of Jesus Christ through building sustainable communities around the world, specifically in Haiti and the Mississippi Delta. They work in communities in 7 different areas they call SPHERES to serve both the spiritual and practical needs of struggling communities. While we don’t raise money for them directly, we want to share the good works in which they are involved.

Delta Streets Academy (DSA) is an all-boys school in Greenwood, Mississippi that is changing the lives of its students and the community both academically and spiritually. They have an incredible group of high-quality teachers, staff and coaches with high standards in the classroom and on the field. Again, we don’t raise money for them directly, but we are involved at multiple levels with their efforts to serve these amazing students.

But God Ministries and Delta Streets Academy are both 501c3 nonprofit organizations. While we do not solicit for BGM or DSA we do support them as our Purpose Partners.