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Some AT&T employees in certain cities may have questions in their future Thumbnail

Some AT&T employees in certain cities may have questions in their future

With all the changes happening in the telecom industry it is sometimes difficult for some AT&T employees to feel comfortable about their future. It seems AT&T employees should be ready for major changes pretty routinely. This includes changes where AT&T operations for employees take place. There are some in the industry that believe AT&T may someday move to a model that limits employee operations to only 10 major urban areas. If that were to happen and you didn’t live in one of those areas, you would have some challenging decisions to make. Do you know the questions that would be coming your way, and more importantly, do you know how you would answer them? Questions like:

  • How will you cover medical insurance and expenses in retirement or a transition? The cost of medical insurance has increased sharply in recent years, and you may experience some sticker shock!
  • What will your actual income be after all considerations from a SIPP or Surplus offer?
  • What will your total income be in retirement or a career transition? Are you considering all sources?
  • Have you considered all expenses during retirement or a career transition?
  • How far away from Medicare are you and how will you cover the gap?
  • How does Social Security factor in and do you have a plan for maximizing this benefit?
  • How will this impact your spouse?
  • Retirement can last as long as 30 years for many people; do you have enough savings or income sources to cover that time?

If AT&T were to move out of your area, do you know what you’d do? These are life changing questions that many times have complicated answers! Sound Financial has spent 30+ years developing a reputation for being on the forefront of assisting AT&T employees and retirees to navigate their career transition options. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you in your career transition. We would also encourage you to follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn or fill out the contact form to join our newsletter distribution list. Our goal is to partner with you as you make these challenging decisions and let us help you navigate YOUR retirement or career transition journey.