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Retirement Planning

Retirement is often sold to us as the “Golden Years” of our life.

In part, that can be true if you have planned well, seek fulfilling opportunities, and search for new adventures. We want to understand what your ideal future looks like and help you make a plan to pursue it. Our mission is to help you live a fulfilled life and the way we do that is through financial planning.

AT&T Retirees

Our approach to retirement planning begins with questions. 

We want to understand who you are—your goals, your plans, your dreams—so that they inform the plan we craft for you. We’ll use all of the normal retirement and financial planning tools: 401(k), investments, insurance, annuities, whatever we need to use to create a plan that works for you.

A Perfect Retirement?

Is there such a thing as a perfect retirement plan? We believe that there is … a perfect plan for you. We’ll help you to imagine what a perfect retirement plan might look like for you. We’ll help you wrestle with questions like:

  • Why are you ready to retire?
  • What will be your new focus?
  • What will you do and how will you serve others?
  • What will fulfill and validate you?

The perfect plan for you will most likely include a variety of retirement and financial planning tools, each applied with intentionality so they work together to move you toward your goals. We’ll guide you at each step along the way as we create your retirement plan together.

Financial Security

When many people think about retirement, one of their main goals is financial security. They want to know that their future is secure and that they will have enough to support their lifestyle as they grow older. But financial security can mean different things to different people.

We’ll help you to define with financial security means for you and how you define it. Then, we’ll work closely with you to develop a plan for you to pursue it.

Planning for Life

As we imagine together what retirement might look like for you, we’ll remind you that regular life still happens. Retirement, as much as it may include things like travel and recreation, includes a lot of regular life as well.

In planning for your retirement, we’ll make sure to include regular life as a part of your plan. What will you do on a daily or weekly basis? What kinds of regular activities will you be a part of? What other day-to-day expenses do we need to plan for? All of these things are critical and important in retirement planning.

Purposeful Generosity

For some people, the idea of finding fulfillment through living generously seems like a contradiction. They believe that if you’re pursuing your own fulfillment, the focus of your resources is inward, not outward. We have found the opposite to be true.

When you have a retirement plan, you can live generously, helping others in ways that are the most fulfilling to you. You can respond when you are inspired to help people in your community or around the world. You can take action in ways that make the world a better place … which is exactly the kind of life God created you to live.

Living generously means realizing that we each have a purpose that is beyond ourselves—and we find that purpose best when we are giving our time, our energy, and our resources to those around us who need our help.