How we define terms

The words we use are important for you to know.

Biblically Responsible Investing 

 Aligning your investments to Biblical instructions of stewardship and not harming people or the environment.

At Sound, we believe that God created us and instructed us to be stewards of the resources and opportunities with which He blesses us. We are to treat people well, care for and responsibly use the resources in the environment. Genesis chapter one defines these instructions in what is known as the Creation Mandate.

We also believe God's word instructs our financial plans and investing strategies. Therefore, we screen out of our investment models the stocks of companies that we discover earn revenue in ways that harm people or the environment.

Financial Freedom

Structuring your financial resources to comfortably pay for your living expenses and afford many of your life's goals.

At Sound, we believe financial freedom and fulfillment go hand in hand. We all spend much of our life chasing freedom when fulfillment may satisfy more. The Apostle Paul writes in Galatians chapter five, "It was for freedom that Christ set us free." Therefore, God offers you freedom in any circumstance.

Yet, financial freedom allows us to be generous, enjoy God's blessings, and invest for the future without fear or guilt. These are Biblical designs meant for us to live freely, be generous, and invest with confidence.