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Client Update August 2023

4 min read

Client Update: August 2023

Welcome to Moneyville Once upon a time, in a town not too far away, there was a place called Moneyville. In Moneyville, everything seemed perfect. People smiled as they went to the local bakery for delicious treats, and kids laughed while playing in...

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September 2022

3 min read

September Client Update

Often, we dive deep into economic and market details without coming up for air. We study our framework: stock trends and valuations, the...

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May 2022

1 min read

Client Update: May 2022

Client Update: May 2022 Hello all, The year 2022 continues to provide excitement to the downside. At the recording of the client update,...

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April 2022

Client Update: April 2022

Client Update: April 2022 Sound Financial Strategies Group Client Update for April 2022 with Chris McAlpin and Clint Sorenson. Learn more...

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Feburary 2022

3 min read

Client Update: February 2022

Client Update: February 2022 Sound February 2022 Client Update There is so much data announced this week that it is hard to find a...

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December 2021

2 min read

Client Update: December 2021

Client Update: December 2021 Happy New Year to our clients and friends! At the recording of this, our top topics were the broad market and...

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November 2021

1 min read

Client Update: November 2021

Client Update: November 2021 Chris catches you up on where we've been, what we've been doing and seeing, and what we expect to see in...

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