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AT&T and CWA Agreement - 6/26/2020 UPDATE Thumbnail

AT&T and CWA Agreement - 6/26/2020 UPDATE

Last week we wrote an article regarding the recent voluntary severance package. When we wrote this, we intended to communicate the importance of this decision, especially in this current economy. We meant to be broad regarding the details that we shared and misspoke when doing this. Therefore, these are a few corrections.

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How Do I Transition Away From AT&T? Thumbnail

How Do I Transition Away From AT&T?

The AT&T programs that have been designed to assist with turnover and transition are called “Surplus” and “SIPP”. Each program has unique benefits for people that find themselves in different states of readiness to transition. Today we want to look at these two programs and help provide a little insight so when it is your time to make a transition away from AT&T, you’ll have the information you need to make the best decision for your unique situation.

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